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Perioperative Instructions

Day Before Surgery

● Eat a regular dinner; drink 12-16oz of gatorade prior to bed

● Shower with hibiclens soap (can be purchased at any retail pharmacy) the night before surgery, do not scrub markings and darken faded markings with sharpie as needed

● Do not shave any body hair the night before or morning of surgery as this increases the risk of post-operative infection

● Nothing to eat or drink after midnight unless otherwise directed

Morning of Surgery

● Take one pill of Emend 40 mg (prescription given during pre-op appointment) with 12 oz of gatorade 3 hours prior to your expected surgery start time (start time will be provided the day before surgery). Finish the 12-16oz of gatorade within 15 minutes

● If you are a consistent coffee or tea drinker, you may have one cup of black coffee or plain tea at least 3 hours prior to surgery

● Shower with hibiclens soap. Do not apply any moisturizers, skin treatments or deodorant the morning of surgery.

After Surgery

● Pain after surgery is managed first with non-narcotic analgesia (Tylenol and Ibuprofen). Please have Tylenol 650 mg and Ibuprofen 800 mg available at home prior to surgery. Specific instructions on when to take these medications will be provided.

● A prescription for 5 pills of oxycodone 5 mg will be given at the pre-op appointment and should only be taken if absolutely necessary.

● Use anti-nausea medication as needed. A prescription for either Zofran or Reglan will be given during pre-op appointment.

● Once permitted to shower, use hibiclens soap for two weeks after surgery.

● Specific instructions regarding dressing and drain care will be provided prior to discharge home.