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Surgical Risks

Surgical Risk

Unfortunately, there is no risk-free method of breast reconstruction available. Anyone considering surgery must weigh the pros and cons of the possible procedures, and should consider any possible alternatives. In addition to the general risks associated with any surgical procedure—for example, the possibility of infection—there is some risk that is unique to the microsurgical nature of perforator flap surgery. While the success rate of these procedures in the hands of experienced surgeons who regularly perform these procedures is extremely high—in the range of 99%—the small vessels that nourish free flaps can become compromised, possibly leading to the loss of a flap. In spite of this small but real risk, perforator free flaps are an invaluable option for breast reconstruction because of the significant advantages these flaps have. They produce excellent aesthetic results with very low incidence problems at the donor site and of unplanned reoperation.

Our patients know that having a highly qualified medical team is of supreme importance. Every surgical procedure carries some degree of uncertainty and risk. Dr. Greenspun will use his skills and expertise to avoid complications insofar as is possible. If a complication does occur, he and his team will use those same skills to attempt to solve the problem as proficiently and as quickly as possible to help you achieve your reconstructive goals.

Contact us if you would like to make an appointment and learn more about your options for breast reconstruction after mastectomy.