Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction restores the form of a woman’s breasts, and not surprisingly, countless studies have demonstrated important emotional and psychological benefits for women who choose to have breast reconstruction surgery following mastectomy. Nevertheless, the decision to have a breast reconstructed after mastectomy is a very personal one.


Our team of compassionate experts is here to support you and your family, before, during and after surgery. Our highly specialized practice is devoted to the most innovative and advanced methods of breast reconstruction surgery. During the past decade and a half, we have successfully performed well over 1,000 perforator flap breast reconstructions, including DIEP flaps, stacked DIEP flaps, multi-flap reconstructions, SIEA flaps, SGAP flaps, LAP flaps, and PAP flaps. We also regularly perform breast reconstruction using breast implants because we recognize that different approaches are beast for different patients. Our expertise, comprehensive approach, proven track record, and highly personalized care set us apart.

If you are thinking about breast reconstruction surgery, you may wish to consider these important questions:

  • Do the advantages of having breast reconstruction appeal to you?
  • If you choose to have a breast reconstructed after mastectomy, what type of breast reconstruction best suits your particular goals?
  • What kind of results can I reasonably expect?
  • When should your reconstruction be done - At the same time as the mastectomy (immediate breast reconstruction -link), or any time after mastectomy (delayed breast reconstruction - link)?
  • Should I consider surgery on my other breast to help them match after reconstruction?
  • Who should perform the reconstructive surgical procedure?
  • How many of these procedures have your plastic surgeon done?
  • How long will it take to recover?

Choosing a breast reconstruction option can feel overwhelming. Each method of reconstruction has its own benefits and risks. Understanding the specifics of different techniques can help you feel more secure as you make an informed decision about the kind of breast reconstruction that will be best for you.


Learn more about our procedures:

Breast reconstruction procedures can be grouped into two broad categories: